School Project. The story of three characters who decide to participate in a pilgrimage in the Sacred Lagoon of Peru
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 Zuberi Diallo

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Zuberi Diallo

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Date d'inscription : 2016-04-01

PostSubject: Zuberi Diallo   Thu 12 May - 21:15

Age: 25

Occupation: Shaman in the learning

Physical Description:

Zuberi is a tall African man. He has straight white teeth, an uncommon attribute in his tribe although he is missing a tooth. His almond eyes are of the darkest shade of brown, they even seem black at times. Zuberi dresses with thin layers of red cloth and often wears traditional jewelry. His nose is wide and his eyebrows are quite bushy. When Zuberi smiles, the whole room lightens up. His body is large, muscular and even intimidating.

Mental Description:

Zuberi is very connected to the spirit world. His occupation, his duty as a shaman is to connect with the spiritual world. He sees things differently than others and has a greater understanding of the world around him. He is attentive to the aura of light that surround the people he meets. Zuberi is very reliant on his instincts and never has second thoughts about his decision. He tries his best to be and do good. Ever since he has taken up the vacant role of being the tribe's shaman, Zuberi has been extremely hard on himself. He takes the future of his tribe very dearly and feels responsible for their condition.

Background story:

Zuberi was born in an ancient Kenyan tribe named the Maasai people. He is the only son of a long line of shamans and has therefore been forced to take on this role when the time would come. However, Zuberi's father has mysteriously disappeared and no news have been heard from him. As a matter of fact, Zuberi was obliged to take on the shaman position that was now left opened. Feeling unqualified and responsible for the misfortune that had marked his tribe since his father disappeared, Zuberi does not know what to do. Through the recommendations of other tribes who had been plagued in the past, Zuberi decides to travel to Las Huaringas. Knowing this sacred place is the home of an abundant quantity of magic, Zuberi thinks he will be able to find solutions for his tribe and ultimately, save them.

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Zuberi Diallo
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