School Project. The story of three characters who decide to participate in a pilgrimage in the Sacred Lagoon of Peru
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 The Final Conclusion

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Zuberi Diallo

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Date d'inscription : 2016-04-01

PostSubject: The Final Conclusion   Mon 9 May - 19:31

I closed my eyes, not wanting to witness the decapitation of José, I felt so powerless, hands tied by a bunch of uncivilized cannibals. I kept my eyes closed while the sound of a rumbling engine echoed in my head, the buzzing sound grew louder and louder.

All of a sudden, on this calm night, there were strong gushes of wind all round us. It was not until I heard the first gunshot that my eyes were wide opened. I could see the cannibals who were unable to flee the ritual being brought down to the groundby the force of these silver bullets. Where was our saviour? I raised my eyes to the sky and saw where the sound of the roaring engine and the gunshots came from; a helicopter.


The last few hours have been incredibly confusing for me. I heard the sound of an engine I did not recognize, one that Westerners call a helicopter. In the split of a second, the ritual had ended. The timing was irreprochable, thirty minutes later and none of us would have still been alive.

It was a matter of a few minutes before the helicopter was brought down to the ground. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen rushed out of its side doors.

As I saw her run into Sato's arms, I couldn't help but feel my heart ache. "If only she had not been Sato's girlfriend" I thought. I quickly noticed the puzzled look on her face while she hugged Sato tightly, probably due to his newly bald head.

"- Finally! We have retrieved you my brother,?" said the dark-haired woman

I did not even hear Sato's answer. I could only hear my heart beat faster, she was his sister, not his girlfriend! Laughing

While we were all huddled inside the helicopter, still terrified by the recent twist of events, I tried my best to grasp the explanation of the asian woman. She was called Mikumi and she had saved us. We had been part of a scam that had been a recent problem in Peru. Mikumi used a lot of terms I did not understand and I did not grasp entirely what had been going on in Las Huaringas.


In the plane, on my way to my home, I could not help but think about the crazy last week that went by. I did not learn a lot about magic and the rituals of Las Huaringas but I did learn a lot about myself. I am able to cross the ocean on my own and land on an unknown continent. I can fight for my life, for the life of others. I learned about friendship and diversity, But for now, I have to go back to my tribe, I do not know how I will save them but I have faith in the future. If I lived through the last few days, it's a good indicator that I can live through anything. At least, I hope...


There is an undescribable comfort related to coming home. Feeling the hot air of the African desert, smelling the scent of roasting meat over the fire and hearing the songs and the beating of drums. And all of a sudden, you feel at home.

I was surprised by what my people had become, a tribe that had grown and not lessened in numbers, new baby faces around every house corner. The plague was gone and everyone seemed so happy and healthy, I couldn't believe it, To my greatest relief and joy, I found that my dad, our chief, had come back. He had been missing for several months and many, including me, had thought he died. And fortunately, I did not have to lead to tribe anymore, I had no more responsibilities which meant I could leave again, maybe, for a new adventure. I have this newly-discovered thirst for exploring and I can't deny that I have another good motivation that pushed me to travel to Asia and reunite with Sato. And who knows, maybe I would get see to see Mikumi again...
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Tatsuhiro Satō

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Date d'inscription : 2016-03-08

PostSubject: Re: The Final Conclusion   Mon 9 May - 21:16

His legs were still shaking from the confusion. The adrenaline was still rushing through his veins. They had been so close of death… He could almost feel her icy grip scratch his spine…
But everything was alright now. He glanced to the pilot, not sure if he believed it or not. A few minutes ago, they were in the middle of a cannibalistic ritual and they were now safe and sound in a helicopter directed to Lima’s airport. With his sister Mikumi.

- Finally! We have retrieved you my brother, had she said with joy as soon as she had seen Sato.

Calmy, she had brought Sato and her friends in the helicopter. She then proceeded to explain to her lifeless brother how arduous it had been to find him back. As soon as their overprotective mother had discovered the disappearance of her son, she had contacted Mikumi to beg her to find Sato. It took only a few minutes to discover the unusual purchase of an airplane ticket directed to Peru. Mikumi was a well-placed member of her international organization. She had been a Japanese ambassador for a few years now, and was recognize as one of the greatest English interpreter of her community. She only had to pull a few strings to get herself a ticket to Peru with the help of the Peruvian government once on land to find her brother. She had access to a small police force unit to investigate and he took a few days to retrace her brother’s trail. She had been baffled to discover that her brother had been able to trust strangers upon his arrival to Peru. Most important, it was not the usual kind of strangers.

The group Tatsuhiro had joined was not a touristic agency. It was a military operation lead by fraud investigators. Mikumi had found them easily and asked them if they had seen her brother. They did not have any trouble to identify the young man of the picture as one of their clients. From there, they had no choice as to tell the truth about their operation to the young Japanese ambassador and her strong peace agents.

Since almost a year, people were going to Las Huaringas, but few ever came back. Survivors alleged that everything was fine up in the mountains, but were completely unable to say where they friends were. Shortly after, every single one of them developed psychotic troubles. The Peruvian Government had to create a squad to discover what was going on in Las Huaringas, but they needed an alibi.  The idea of a touristic tour did not seem to be such a bad idea at first. Civilians used as bait would be protected by police officers infiltrated at each step of the tour.

When Mikumi asked if the tourists were aware that they were used as baits, the chief investigator said it was too dangerous of the sake of the operation. As to retrieve one of the ‘’clients’’, it was simply unachievable at this stage of the process. Mikumi had no other choice as to assist the whole process from distance, in a nearby mountain, unable to reach for her younger brother.

She had never felt as powerless in her whole life as when she watched her brother being drugged. She did not like the turn of events, but every one of her complaints was shrugged by the chief inspector. When Sato was brought to the tree though, she could not refrain herself and ordered her men to take position. The chief investigator followed her.

They had a helicopter at hand, but the troop first had to circle the ritual. It took longer than it should have, since the drugged cannibals were unpredictable and probably possessed weapons. They had to work carefully for the prisoners’ sake.

As soon as the site had been circled, they flew over and rescued the three men. The fraudsters were almost all caught up by the army. The few remaining were lost in the mountains and would be found the next morning.

Sato was safe.

Tears rolled down his pale figure. He threw himself in his sister’s arms and started to cry of relief. Mikumi kept him close to her heart and comforted him until no more tears could be shed.

A year later

Sato is no longer a hikikomori. He understands that he does not have to confront life alone. He has his family to support him in his projects. He has returned to school, but not to complete his computer classes, as his father wanted. He instead chose the social worker path and will work to reinstate hikikomoris into society. Even if the Las Huaringas events were particularly traumatizing for him, Sato grew out of this event. He is now more confident and thinks that everyone can overcome his fears. He is thinking about traveling to Spain to visit José with his younger brother Takimoto. He wants to show his younger brother how marvelous the world truly is.

He stayed in touch with Zuberi, since him and his sister seemed to get along so well. As soon as she got back to Japan, Mikumi had started to write letters to the African man. Sato was not sure how he felt about this relationship, since he had always felt strange near the tall shaman. However, he is happy as long as his sister is.
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José Luis García

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Date d'inscription : 2016-03-26

PostSubject: Re: The Final Conclusion   Tue 10 May - 22:06

From the helicopter, José Luis watched mountainous landscape slip away. He felt more than relieved that this hell was finally over. What had he thought about when he accepted the indigenous man offer in Lima? Beside him, Sato was trembling in his sister’s arms. Zuberi was sitting beside a soldier. Everyone has plenty of questions to ask, but no one dared to talk for the moment. Then, Mikumi started speaking and revealing the terrible quite interesting story behind the three men's experience. . .


When José Luis got off the plane, he finally felt at home and out of any danger. However, something still was annoying him. Las Huaringas did not help him finally. He still had to talk to Montserrat.

José Luis was walking in his district before finally decide to go to the apartment. He had been nervous, but now he was detached from the situation. He only wanted to know the truth. . . No matter what it she would say, he would be able to live with it.

He was now before the revenue house where they lived. He entered in the hall. How many times had he climbed up the stairs holding Montserrat’s hand? How many times had he inserted his keys into that lock? He opened the door. “José Luis! Is that you?” asked nervously Montserrat. He saw her appear at the door frame of the living room. She had wept. When she saw him, she brought her hands to her mouth in disbelief.

“Oh! José Luis! Where were you? We have been looking for you. Are you OK?”

“We have to talk,” said José Luis. He did not want to explain himself and he wanted to know the truth as soon as possible.

“Wait! But what do you want us to talk about?”

“You remember the night I disappear? The one when you went to eat with your friends?”

“I. . . Yes, of course, I remember. Why do you ask me this question?” said Montserrat obviously embarrassed.

“You were not really with your friends, weren’t you?” asked José Luis.

“Oh. . . I-I-I. . . No, I was not, but. . . Ah. . .” stammered Montserrat.

“I will tell you what I saw. You kissed a man. In that street! In front of the house!” said José Luis pointing at his right towards the window.

“I. . . Yes, I-I kissed him. But. . . It is more complicated than you think.”

“Then, what is it?”

“I don’t know! I. . .” Montserrat stopped speaking. Her cheeks were red. There was sweat on her forehead.

“You love him?” asked José Luis.

“Yes,” finally said Montserrat after a long pause and looking at the floor.

José Luis looked at her. She raised her head to look at him. He touched lightly her cheek with his fingers and she looked away. José Luis made a step backward. He looked at Montserrat and pursed his lips.

“I’m sorry, Montserrat. I have to go. . .”

He walked towards the door.

“Wait,” said Montserrat.

José Luis did not look back at her and closed the door behind him.


The sun was the king in the sky and the air was not too humid. José Luis who was holding a moving box in his hands looked at his parents’ house. A salty breeze was stroking the young man’s hair and skin. The door opened and a black-haired woman appeared. José Luis smiled as he saw his mother. “Come here, mi niño!”

“Oh mamá, I’m so happy to see you!”

They hugged each other and entered in the house. It was the end of a story for José Luis and the beginning of a new one. . .
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Conclusion   

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The Final Conclusion
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