School Project. The story of three characters who decide to participate in a pilgrimage in the Sacred Lagoon of Peru
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 José Luis García

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José Luis García

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Date d'inscription : 2016-03-26

PostSubject: José Luis García   Sun 27 Mar - 21:31

José Luis García
Age: 23

Occupation: Student

Physical Description:

José Luis is a 23-year-old Catalan/Andalusian man. Compared to other Spanish men, he is tall, but his short dark-brown hair and his tanned skin coincide with his origins. His brown eyes often tell more than what he really thinks. He is in good shape, for he loves sports and to stay active. So, he has a good endurance to do physical activities. José Luis likes to dress well, but he never does in an eccentric way. He often wears jeans or beige or brown chino pants with a shirt or a cardigan.

Mental Description

José Luis has always been a proud man. Proud of his family, of what he accomplished, of his country, etc. When he has a goal, he always do the best he can to achieve it. He is very persevering when he faces some difficulties, but he stays realist because when he realizes he cannot succeed, he does not persist any longer. Acting this way makes him feel angry because he thinks he could always have done better, although he actually did the best he could. As a child, he was a little shy because he was different from the Catalonians, but as he grew up, he became quite outgoing. He has many friends and conserves a close relationship with his family.

Background Story

José Luis was born in Tarragona. His family was from Andalusia, but they had move to Catalonia because his father could no longer work in his field in Malaga. His father worked now for an insurance company while his mother was a secretary for a clothes distribution company. He only had a big brother. They used to fight often when they were younger, but they had always kept a good relationship. In fact, he was the one who initiated José Luis into football, one of his passions. During his childhood, the other children would make fun of his “bad” accent and José Luis would not let himself belittle by them because he was proud of his family and his accent. After a football practice, he congratulated his team and said, “We will become the best team of Ehpaña!” One of the boys answered, “Not Ehpaña, España. Speak proper José Luis.” Everyone laughed, except José Luis. He was now angry. How could they make fun of him after he had just encouraged everyone? Why would they stick on such insignificant details? To stop them, he pushed the boy who had joked on his accent. “What’s wrong with you,” one of the boys said.

“José Luis is getting angry!” another said to tease him.

“José Luis is a bit touchy, I think” another one said to tease him too.

Everyone was still laughing, while José Luis was getting angrier every second. He told himself he had nothing else to do there, so he quit the football pitch. He would not let himself be discouraged by them. His dream was to play in the Barça, and no one would stop him from trying to achieve it.

However, during his childhood, he had always felt different from the others and had never felt integrated with a group, but everything changed when he was studying in high school, where he could meet new people. In his new football team, he met Esteve and they soon became good friends. However, when he was 16, he could not play in the football team because there were other guys who were better than him. This made him feel very angry. He knew he was not learning as fast as the other ones. He continued to play football with some of his friends out of matches. He expected he would be selected for the next year’s team, but he was not. He realized he could no longer become a professional football player and this made him feel lost. What would he do now?

He continued school and soon began studying at university in sports medicine. There, he also made new friends and he met a girl: Montserrat. He fell in love with her and her too. José Luis was happier than ever. They had a kind of complicity that made their couple beautiful and joyful. As the months went on, they never became less in love than when they first met.

During a late night of March, José Luis was going back home after his training at the gym. A drizzle began to fall and a light fog soon appeared and extended throughout the streets of the city. “I should have brought my raincoat,” he thought. Surprisingly, there were only few people walking in the city. It was only 11 PM and there were usually more people walking at that time. José Luis entered in the apartment building and in their little home. Montserrat and he had an apartment together. Lights were off. Montserrat had still not come back from her dinner with her friends. He took a shower and dressed up with his pyjamas. Before going to bed, he went out on the balcony to watch the night a last time. Then, he heard a familiar giggle. A girl was walking hand in hand with a man. Those boots, that coat, that gait, that long brown hair. . . They stopped walking. The man put his hands on Montserrat’s waist. His hands grabbed José Luis’s heart. He kissed Montserrat. He poisoned José Luis’s heart. The poor José Luis could not see a second more of this. He felt his inside growing with sadness. He had a lump in his throat and could not utter a sound. He went inside trying to see through his watery eyes. He took his backpack, put some clothes in it and dress himself with pants and a t-shirt. While doing so, he saw a photo of Montserrat with him. He was bearing her on his shoulders and they were smiling. “What did I do wrong?” he asked himself. He felt so betrayed and he was about to burst into tears, but he told himself to stay in control. He went into the bathroom and took everything he needed. Before leaving the apartment, he also took some fruits and bread in the kitchen. He had to flee. . . Leave far away!

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José Luis García
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